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Faction Technologies

  Name Affects Bonus
Balanced Weapons Cavalry AV +3
Barbed Spines Archer RV +3
Black Blessing Frontline Resist Magic +20%
Billeting Archer / Cavalry Recruit Cost -20%
Billeting Infantry Recruit Cost -15%
Black Ichor Frontline Resupply Rate +15%
Black Offering Frontline Resist Range +20%
  Blessed Armor Melee DV +2
Blessing of Life Frontline Health +10%
Blessing of Speed Frontline Speed Max +10%
Blessing of Valor Frontline AV +1; Morale +1
Boot Camp Infantry Health +20%
Cavalry Tactics Cavalry Speed Max +20%
Composite Bows Archer Range +4
Dark Fortitude Cavalry / Infantry Health +15%
Dark Matter Building Resist Siege +20%
Dark Ritual Infantry AV +3
Dragonbone Bows Archer RV +2
Edged Spines Archer RV +2
  Enchanted Armor Frontline Resist Range +15%
Entrench Tactics Infantry DV +1; Entrench Time -20%
Grooved Spines Archer Range +4
Fitted Stones Building Health +25%
Flaming Arrows Archer AV +5
Fortified Walls Building Health +25%
Jade Rings Frontline Resist Magic +20%
Journeymen Frontline Repair +3 (engineer units heal buildings faster)
Khaldunite Armor Frontline Resist Melee +20%
Khaldunite Arrows Archer RV +5
Khaldunite Weapons Cavalry / Infantry AV +5
Magic Armor Infantry Resist Range +20%
Magic Arrows Archer RV +5
Magic Weapons Cavalry / Infantry AV +5
Onyx Rings Frontline Resist Fire +20%
Opal Rings Frontline Attack Rate -20%
Plague Arrows Archer Magical arrows that inflict disease on struck targets.
Flesh Rot
Plague Weapons Infantry Cavalry Flesh Rot
Poison Arrows Archer Poison
Poison Blades Infantry Poison
Poison Claws Cavalry / Infantry Poison
Poison Spines Archer Poison
Proselytize Frontline Resupply Rate +15%
Ramparts Wall Resist Siege +20%
Shadowskin Cavalry / Infantry DV +2
Shadowsteel Armor Cavalry / Infantry DV +2
  Shadowsteel Arrows Archer RV +3
Shadowsteel Weapons Archer / Cavalry / Infantry AV +2
Shocktroops Infantry AV +1; Speed Max +20%
Skilled Labor Building Structure Cost -15%
Stable Master Cavalry Health +15%
Strong Foundation Building Resist Siege +20%
Thaumaturgy Building Structure Cost -15%
Umbral Barrier Wall Health +25%; Umbral Shock
Umbral Carapace Building Health +25%
Umbral Essence Frontline Repair +3
Umbral Frenzy Cavalry Speed Max +20%
Umbral Fury Archer / Cavalry / Infantry AV +2
Umbral Might Frontline AV +2
Umbral Rage Infantry AV +3
Whitesteel Armor Archer / Cavalry / Infantry DV +2
Whitesteel Weapons Archer / Cavalry / Infantry AV +2

Haroun Technologies

  Name Affects Bonus
Deep Roots Building Resist Siege +20%
Entwined Branches Building Health +25%
Nursery Building Structure Cost -20%
Rapid Growth   Heal 10/sec
Thorny Barrier Wall Health +25%; Thorn Shock
Wide Trunks Wall Resist Siege +20%

Lair Technologies

  Name Affects Bonus
Archmage Non-Shadow Allows Archmage
Balthasar's Ledger Structure Resupply Rate +10%; Supply Range +10%
Bashkar Shadow Allows Bashkar
Djinn   Allows Djinn
Dogun's Journal Wall & Building Health +33%
Druid Non-Shadow Allows Druid
Dylan's Robe   RV +3; Morale Recovery Rate +15%
Garadun's Mantle Unit AV +2; Morale +1
Ifrit   Allows Ifrit
Jotun   Allows Jotun
Leila's Staff Unit Health +15%
Mystic Non-Shadow Allows Mystic
Saiyar Shadow Allows Saiyar
Sentinel Non-Shadow Allows Sentinel
Shadow Knight Shadow Allows Shadow Knight
Shaman Non-Shadow Allows Shaman
Slaan Shadow Allows Slaan
Slayer  Shadow Allows Slayer
Trow    Allows Trow
Warrior    Allows Trow
Flesh Rot:


AV -1; DV -1; Speed Max -25%; Duration: 10;
Enchantment Type:
Poison Periodic Damage: 2; Duration: 5;
Enchantment Type:
Thorn Shock Target: Enemy; Range: 2; Recharge Time: 2; Damage: 5
Umbral Shock Target: Enemy; Range: 2; Recharge Time: 2; Damage: 4

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