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Kings of War - Factions

Five political factions vie for control of the world of Khaldun:

[Ceyah] [Council] [Fallen] [Nationalists] [Royalists]


Faction Bonuses:
+1 AV
+20% Entrenchment Rate
+15% Movement Speed
Faction Unit: Prophet

[Human] [Undead] - [Kohan]



The Ceyah are free. Free of the chains of loyalty demanded by a distant, cold Creator. Free of the insipid morality of the decadent Kohan. Though we are exiles from our brethren, in our exile we have found such liberty as they will never know. Our patron is Ahriman, who shall rise again, and our might is the Shadow, a boundless font of dark power. Among the Ceyah, all who will join our cause are welcome; we do not judge.

We command Humans, both slaves and those with the courage to defy their Creator, and the endless ranks of the Undead. With this army will crush our enemies.

And when our day of victory comes, the wealth and bounty of Khaldun will be shared among our chosen number.

Faction Bonuses:
-10% Structure Cost
Faction Unit: Wizard

[Gauri] [Haroun] [Human] - [Kohan]


Understanding, patience, and foresight. These are the virtues of unending life, the true gifts bestowed by the Creator upon his chosen Kohan. We of the Council understand this. In Ages past, the Kohan were ruled by a Council that acted through deliberation and with wisdom, and it is toward this golden past that we set our sights. Yet we do not seek these virtues for our own sake. We Kohan were set as shepherds over the lesser races of Khaldun, to guide them and to raise them up from darkness and ignorance and war. Therefore, we bring our words and our knowledge to them, and bring their leaders into our fold.

Our great Council includes representatives from the Humans, the Gauri, and the Haroun, races that seek knowledge and civilization. Under our tutelage, they will achieve their destined greatness.

Faction Bonuses:
+10% Health
+6 Detection Range
Reduced Tech Costs
Faction Unit: Dreadlord


[Shadow] [Undead] - [Kohan]


Khaldun offers nothing but a battlefield. Those foolish immortals who bind themselves to false ideals and dead gods know nothing of the truth. We are the Fallen. We do not seek lordship over Khaldun or acceptance from the Creator. We serve the Shadow itself. Before us, the peoples of Khaldun shall fall, and the world shall be consumed in flames, until the cowardly Creator joins the battle. And then we shall destroy him, as we destroyed his followers, claiming for ourselves his celestial paradise. The Fallen offer an escape from the meaningless cycle of Khaldun's Ages.

Our armies are thick with the Undead and the creatures of the Shadow. None who oppose us will stand.

Faction Bonuses:
-20% Recruitment Cost
+6 Supply Range
+4 Detection Range
+1 Siege Damage vs. Buildings
Faction Unit: Zealot

[Drauga] [Gauri] [Human] - [Kohan]


The Shadow takes root in chaos and weakness and so we of the Nation of Istira seek order and strength. We build walls of stone and weapons of iron. We pave roads and bring light to the dark places. Other Kohan hesitate in their duty and doubt the righteousness of their cause. We do not. We are the sword of the Creator and the bane of the Shadow.

Our rule stretches over mortals suitable for our purposes: the warlike Drauga to fill our ranks; the ingenious Gauri to build the citadels that stand against the darkness; and the Humans, whose loyalty and faith knows no bounds. With these servants, we will build of Khaldun an ordered paradise such as we knew in the days before the Shadow.

Faction Bonuses:
+1 AV
+1 DV
+15% Resupply Rate
+15% Morale Recovery Rate
Faction Unit: Paladin


[Drauga] [Haroun] [Human] - [Kohan]


We are Khaldun's protectors: the first into battle and the keepers of the last bastions of light when the darkness presses around. We, alone of all the Kohan, have kept true to the old ways of strength and honor. It was our king, Darius Javidan, who destroyed the Dark Saadya Ahriman, and ours were the sharpest swords and fiercest hearts at his side.

To our banners rally Humans, Drauga, and Haroun -- those races who have never faltered in the battle against the Creators' enemies. With their aid, our armies will ever be ready for the unending war against evil.

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