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Listed below are all the AI's that come with Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns as well as Official AI's created by TimeGate's Ian Klimon.  They are organized according to difficulty as listed in their respective files. 
AI Commands are listed below


Aephir Council A tough-minded AI, Aephir will prove himself a worthy opponent for those looking for a challenge. Aephir is vociferous in his appetite for conquest and will generally throw everything that he has into the conquest and subjugation of his immediate neighbors. Aephir generally uses Engineers and Archers together in small groups with great support units to his great advantage. (Ian Klimon)
Agborus Council Agborus prefers to use as many archers as he can field. He draws heavily on the wood resource and usually relies on a weak screen to provide his deadly bowmen the opportunity to slaughter his enemies from afar.
*KIS Awards Edition Only*
Ahikar Nationalist Beloved wife of Sebastian Atafeh, the comely Ahikar Iraj is a fierce warrior in her own right. Ahikar wields a bow named Del'Kostan that is said to get more accurate the more it is used in battle. Ahikar is the last living member of the House Iraj, once one of the most powerful Houses in the Council. Ahikar turned from the Council and joined the Nationalist movement when her House was slain and their amulets captured by a treacherous Ceyah Kohan. She has sworn vengeance against the Ceyah at any cost by whatever means necessary.
*KIS Awards Edition Only*
Ahriman Ceyah Ceyah Master AI
Andragoras Council Andragoras likes archers.
Ardeshir Ceyah Ardeshir prefers to field a mix of the undead and demons that he commands, but he is often quick to bring out his beasts, both shadow and void, to devastating effect.
*KIS Awards Edition Only*
Ashur Ceyah Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Ashur surely loves Dem Bones. Ashur will seek to field as many skeletons and bone bows as he can before he switches production to void beasts. If he reaches void beasts, watch out, he uses them quite effectively.
*KIS Awards Edition Only*
Ashurbanipal Nationalist Ashurbanipal is a master strategist who craves steel so that he can field as many early Infantry and Grenadiers as possible. He follows this up with a devastating mix of Dragoons and Elite Guards.
*KIS Awards Edition Only*
Bahram Royalist Favoring Dragoons early and often, Bahram will resort to non-mounted units only when he doesn't have enough stables to feed and house the horses he wants. Transitioning from Dragoons to Cavaliers, Bahram usually tramples over his opponents with ease.
*KIS Awards Edition Only*
Cyrus Nationalist Cyrus II, Persia: 559 - 530 B.C., believes in LOTS of infantry and crushing all in his path, enemy and ally alike.  It is tough to stay on his good side ;he can be rather random and changes his mind easily.
Darius Royalist Darius I ruled Persia from 522 to 486 B.C.
Lucius Royalist His confidants know that when Lucius commits himself to something, he considers it an irrevokable pledge to give everything he can to make it happen. It is this trait that makes him a staunch ally and an implacable foe. A long angry scar crossing his left eye, haunted sky-blue eyes, and grim nature conceal a man who was once handsome and jovial and a leading member of the Council. Lucius broke from the rest of House Ajam and joined the Royalist cause in the Sixth Age when his wife Lydian was killed and her amulet captured by the Ceyah. He became a tireless and bitter foe of the Ceyah, and to this day he searches for his wife's amulet.
*KIS Awards Edition Only*
Khan Royalist Ghengis Khan is an aggressive leader, proud, militaristic and vengeful.  Oh, and he likes horsies.
Very aggressive, somewhat chaotic, lots of horsies! Not a big magic fan.
Ma'ar Nasai Ceyah A vicious and intelligent leader, Ma'ar has proven more than capable time and again of driving the Kohan before her. She will use whatever means necessary to achieve her goal, and will use whatever troops and weapons on hand to fight the enemy.
*KIS Awards Edition Only*
Mausallas Royalist Mausallas prefers to bring lots of Footmen with her to the battlefield. She feels that they provide a more than adequate screen to buy her time to bring out her Cavaliers.
*KIS Awards Edition Only*
Nicomedes Nationalist Always teetering on the edge of sanity, to Nicomedes the ends always justifies the means, and he'll use whatever elements he can lay his hands on to win the day. Beware Nicomedes and his unorthodox use of companies and support.
*KIS Awards Edition Only*
Sargon Ceyah Sargon II, Assyria, 721 - 705 B.C.  A knight's knight.  Well, at least a jousting knight's knight.  His idea of war is a tournament on a grander scale.
Solomon Council One of the greatest generals in the history of the Council, Solomon Ghaffar once served as Darius Javidan's right-hand man and his military prowess is legendary. When Darius's death precipitated the Great Cataclysm, Solomon was the first to mobilize the military for the fight against the Ceyah. His youthful appearance belies his almost encyclopedic knowledge of military tactics and strategy. It was Solomon who led the search for the treacherous Vashti, and it was Solomon who led the armies of the Council against the Ceyah throughout the Second Age. He was slain by the bow of Melchior late in the Second Age, but his amulet was spirited away and he was reawakened almost immediately. He has been a tireless warrior since, tasting defeat only rarely, and influencing generations of Mareten with his leadership and chivalry.
*KIS Awards Edition Only*
Xerxes Council Xerxes I, 485 - 465 B.C.


Aethan Nationalist A solid, well-balanced AI that uses the extra slots that the Nationalist faction begins with to great advantage. Aethan is an expansionist and will try to both conquer and settle his way to victory. Be prepared to fend off never-ending waves of Infantry, Engineers, and Grenadiers. (Ian Klimon)
Alexander Nationalist Alexander likes powerful armies... Give him 20 min, and he'll have ya.
Artabanus Council Artabanus likes settlers, lots and lots of settlers.
Bahtros Council Bahtros focuses on economy and the heavily armored Grenadiers, who late in the game, become and almost insurmountable wall for his lightning fast Elite Archers.
*KIS Awards Edition Only*
Cambyses Royalist  
Jhaengus II Ceyah Jhaengus will enslave any independents he finds and uses a mix of his enslaved forces and his cheap undead hordes to overwhelm his enemies.
*KIS Awards Edition Only*
Metaephor Royalist This medium-hard AI offers a reasonable challenge for those looking to hone their skills against the Royalist faction. While the focus is on cavalry units of all types, you will see tough, well-fortified cities and plenty of Infantry and Grenadiers. (Ian Klimon)
Mithridates Nationalist Mithridates I ruled the Arsacid Parthians between 171 and 138 B.C.  Likes Religious units, Temples and healers.
Nebuchadrezzar Ceyah Nebuchadrezzar II, Babylonia 605 - 562 B.C., likes diplomacy, but only as a means to an end, like world domination.  He likes mages, but doesn't trust clerics.  He also is fond of heavily armored knights, both on horse and on foot: Dragoons Grenadiers


Crazy Eben Royalist Crazy Eben does a lot of random things.
Hammurabi Nationalist Hammurabi likes to make peace treaties and alliances.
Jhaengus Ceyah A great introduction to the Ceyah, this is a fairly easy AI that offers newer players the chance to see a mild version of the Shadeling horde attack. Take care though, because Jhaengus makes cunning use of support units behind his Shadelings. (Ian Klimon)
Midas Council Loyal and friendly, influenced by gold.

AI Commands

AI Tell Commands ("/tell" or "/t")

Tell commands can be used to communicate instructions to your computer-controlled AI allies. These commands that will not necessarily be carried out, but they do influence the AI player's thinking.  To use tell commands, first select a building (if appropriate - not all tell commands require a target building), then send the command via chat with the following format (hit ENTER to bring up the chat box).

/tell [target player] [command] [parameter]

Target Player:

This field can be a given in a variety of formats. Either a player number, a player color, or a player name.

1..8 = send the command to the AI playing this kingdom.
E.g. '/tell 2' is the second player (blue).

color name = send the command to the kingdom of that color.
E.g. '/tell blue'

1 = red
2 = blue
3 = green
4 = black
5 = orange
6 = purple
7 = cyan
8 = brown

player name = send the command to the given AI.
E.g. '/tell Syrad Amon'

* = send the command to all allied AIs
E.g. '/tell *'

all or a = send the command to all allied AIs
E.g. '/tell all' or '/t a'

Command [Parameter]:

There are seven different AI tell commands. Building commands (attack and defend) can also be used by selecting a building first, then issuing the command.

attack [building] = request the AI send forces to attack this building
E.g. '/tell black attack Garland' or
'/tell black attack' after selecting Garland

defend [building] = request the AI send forces to defend this building
E.g. '/tell Darius defend' after selecting Cleardale

cancel [building] = request the AI cancel all tell commands
E.g. '/tell a cancel' after selecting a building

list = request a list of active tell commands
E.g. '/tell 2 list'

reset = clear all previous attack/defend commands
E.g. '/tell 2 reset'

report = request an economy report from the AI

tribute [amount] = request the AI give you the specified amount of gold.
E.g. '/tell green tribute 50' This does not work in campaign play, and the AI must be doing well financially to agree.

Abbreviated commands:

Instead of 'attack/defend/cancel/list/report/tribute/reset' you can use

E.g. "/t 2 a" tells player 2 to attack the selected building.
"/t * r" tells all AI allies to report their economy.