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There came a time, in ages past, when the almighty Creator conceived the idea of a new, perfect world.  He assembled ten of his most able immortal attendants, known as Saadya, and told them he wished to make a world of splendor and beauty upon which life would dwell eternally.  He directed the two wisest and most powerful Saadya, Ormazd and Ahriman, to devise a plan for this world's construction and management.

After much planning and consideration, both Ormazd and Ahriman devised plans that they believed to be flawless.  Together they presented their plans to the Creator.  The Creator studied each plan methodically, and at last announced his decision:  Ormazd's plan best reflected the Creator's will.  Ahriman, saddened and ashamed at his failure, nevertheless agreed to cooperate with Ormazd in the execution of his grand design.

The eight remaining Saadya assisted in the creation of the new world, which Ormazd named Khaldun.  The Overseers - for this is what the eight Saadya came to be called -- would be responsible for watching over Khaldun and managing the powerful forces that sustained it.  Ahriman immersed himself in the actual creation of these forces, while Ormazd set himself to the grand task of creating the first inhabitants of Khaldun.

He created the Kohan, 100,000 immortal beings bestowed with the grace of divine power.  The perfect inhabitants for the perfect world.  To each of them Ormazd gave a golden amulet, a gift from the Creator.

As the masters of Khaldun, the Kohan tended their world like an immense garden.  Their culture blossomed and reached a golden age of power and beauty.  But Khaldun's summit of achievement also signaled its imminent decline.  For beneath the gilded magnificence of Khladun society, sinister forces were plotting to undo this celestial wonder...

Brought about by the Shadow's plotting, the Great Cataclysm annihilated the towering grandeur of Khaldun.  The Kohan struggled valiantly, desperate to save themselves and their cherished land, but it was in vain.  The immortal Kohan were eclipsed by the Shadow, their world and lives devoured by the evil they had fought so courageously to subdue.

Silent aeons passed.  But now the Kohan are being reborn, awakening in a new world, seeking to rebuild their lost civilization, slowly preparing to return Khaldun to its former glory.  There is once again hope for Khaldun.  The final battle for the fate of the world looms on the horizon.  The Kohan must remember what was lost and unite against the Shadow, for this is their last chance to reclaim their world.

Map of Khaldun

(reprinted from game manual)