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Four political factions vie for control of the world of Khaldun:

The Ceyah
Exiled from Kohan society during the Cataclysms, the Ceyah were lone individuals with no ties to any group or each other. The only bonds they share are their collective exile and abandonment of Kohan laws and morals. It is a sad irony that it was primarily Ceyah Kohan to survive the Cataclysms, bringing their polluted beliefs into the present day. Ceyah are known to practice dark, evil magicks. They consort with minions of the Shadow, engage in terrifying and vile rituals, and call up the corpses of their mortal slaves to do battle for them, or to simply amuse them. They are nearly as great a danger to Khaldun as the Cataclysms.

Building Modifications Upgrades
20% increase to building health
Undead and Shadow Beast militia
+1 to company limit
Turreted Ramparts
Mana Forge




The Council
Some awakened Kohan remember a time of much art and beauty, though always overshadowed by the threat of great catastrophe. Their culture was based around a senatorial government that rotated ranking members of society through a ruling council, one that watched over the affairs of state, the arts, and sciences. Council Kohan run cities are generally happy and well cared for, with much attention aimed toward the arts and sciences. Their buildings tend to have a fluid look to them and their streets follow natural dips and curves of the land they are built upon.

Building Modifications Upgrades
25% cheaper upgrade costs for next settlement level
20% tax gold increase from settlements
Wizard Tower
Light of Faith




The Royalist
Also known as the Monarchist, this faction of Kohan was the last ruling party to survive the final cataclysms. Royalists began adopting the family-orient approach to rule from their mortal kin, who seemed to be weathering the cataclysm better than them. A few Royalists are actual survivors of the original cataclysms. They have a wealth of ancient knowledge to be tapped. Yet, they are not easily found after living among mortals for hundreds of years. Royalist controlled cities are run similarly to mortal cities. 

Building Modifications Upgrades
+1 extra company
Larger militia companies
Eternal Path




The Nationalist
During a time of great civil conflict among the Kohan, a political group splintered off from the High Council. They became known as the Nationalists. This movement felt that Kohan society was sinking deeper into oblivion and would be destroyed by the cataclysms if they did not institute strict laws and policies aimed toward turning society around. Nationalist Kohan are quick to judge the actions of others and rule their own people with an iron fist. They are even willing to use the Shadow to further their agenda. Nothing matters to them, except for returning the Kohan to their original glory. 

Building Modifications Upgrades
20% Increase in supply ranges of settlements
1 additional component slot
25% more expensive upgrade costs for next settlement level