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Clans of Kohan

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Leaders: Manwë & Moneybags
Current Membership: 2

Clan Purpose: To play some Kohan!
Clan Description: Me and my friend playing Kohan

Have to be from Yellowknife, NWT, Canada

Bearded Hobbit Guild [BHG]

Leaders: Lazarus & Striker
Web Site
Current Membership: 5

Clan Purpose: Help the community of Khaldun grow and prosper. We want our members to grow in skill and friendship.

-You have to want to be a team player. Fantastic skills are not required, but we do recommend that you do your homework first. Be sure to check out the Kohan forums often for a lot of great tips from many of the best players in Khaldun.
-Talk to some of the current members and we'll set up a game or two where you can demonstrate your abilities. Please be aware that you are not required to win to get into the guild, we just want to see that you're willing to put forth an honest effort.

Cooks of War {CoW}

Leader: Iron Chef
Web Site
Current Membership: 17

Times most members are online: 6-9pm Pacific, 6-9PM Europe

Clan Purpose: We fight for green peppers.

Five years ago, a man's fantasy became a reality in a form never seen before: Kitchen Stadium, a giant cooking arena.  The motivation for spending his fortune to create Kitchen Stadium was to encounter new original cuisines which could be called true artistic creations. To realize his dream, he secretly started choosing the top chefs of various styles of cooking, and he named his men the Cooks of War: the invincible men of culinary skills.

Requirements: No actual cooking skills required.

Dark Clan

Leader: Dark Knight
Web Site


Current Membership: 4

Desert Zombie [DZ]

Leader: Warlock
Web Site


Current Membership: 20

Clan Purpose: There are generally two kinds of online gaming units/clans/guilds:  Those which are founded and organized for the single purpose of winning, and those which are founded on the principle of generating and maintaining a unit based on friendly, yet skilled, gaming for enjoyment.  Desert Zombie is of the latter type.

Dragion War Clan [DRG]

Leader: Christovas
Web Site


Current Membership: 10

Clan Tournament: Darkwars

Horse Clan [HC]

Leader: Tevin-HC
Web Site

Current Membership: 6-12

Clan Description: Across time and distance we travel.  To worlds unnumbered we have ridden.  We live.  We fight.  We learn.  We conquer.  It is our way, the way of the HorseClan!

Hunters of the Eclipse {HE}

Leader: WyldRage, Delarius, Monkeytime
Web Site


Clan Purpose: To defeat the Darkmaster and his Ceyah puppets.
Clan Description: A previously secret alliance of Nationalist and Council Kohans formed at the time of the Nationalist breaking. Recently went out of the dark and recruited Royalists for their military resources.
Requirements: Must be a good team player.

Intemptesta Nox [IN]

Web Site


Current Membership: 14
Clan Description: In the darkness we hide, lurking, watching, waiting. We are of the shadow, of the night. We gather in ruined halls of long forgotten castles, the remnants of the Kohan's past. Unseen, unknown, we strike. We are the incarnations of Death. We are Intemptesta Nox.

We are a clan focused on teamwork, fun, and improving skills. How we act on the boards does not reflect our actions in-game. We are an invitational clan, and players are accepted only if the majority of the members of the clan want the player in the guild.

Intemptesta Nox is Latin for 'Dead of Night' and was founded while playing Kohan and this is currently the only game we participate in as a clan.  Look for this to change in the near future.

Kohan Guardians

Contact: Nocternal
Web Site


Current Membership: 5
Clan Purpose: To Serve and Protect
Clan Description: The true defenders of Kohan
Times most members are online: 5:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.


Contact: [Maya]-Fire-
Web Site

Current Membership: 8
Clan Purpose: Veni, vidi, vici. The clan that rocks Khaldun.
Membership Requirements: Everybody is welcome.

MyStiC WaRRiors {MW}

Clan Leader: Aqua§ilk, REEPER
Web Site


Current Membership: 8
Favored Faction: No Preference
Clan Description: We are the Mystic Warriors......

Must be a team Player


No Fear Clan {NF}

Web Site: No Fear
Current Membership: 73

Favored Faction: Council
Clan Purpose: Honor, Integrity, Honesty, Friendship

We are a multinational online gaming clan dedicated to a simple concept; good people, who enjoy playing good games in a friendly, non-threatening, gaming environment creates a great atmosphere for fun... and lots of it.  Our members believe in honor, integrity, honesty, fair play, friendliness, and helpfulness... not excessive foul language, cheating, intimidation, and threatening behavior.


Clan Leader: Seethe
Web Site


Current Membership: 10+

Clan Purpose: 'To become the great guard'
Clan Description: The O-ban Clan were initially comprised of former masterless Ronin who aspired to greater skill and purpose. They joined forces to form O-ban dedicating themselves to becoming the 'Great Guards' and have allied themselves with their brothers-in-arms'...the Ronin.

Our goal is to be the strongest and most skilled clan on Khaldun. Membership and conduct will be strict.
Membership Requirements: Through current member recommendation


Order of Force Majeure {FM}

Contact: FM-Freyland
Web Site


Current Membership: 18

Clan Description: Force Majeure is devoted to the pursuit of truth, honor, respect and fair play through reason and open communication.  All Guild members are expected to behave in an ethical and moral fashion, respecting the dignity of all members of the community and resisting behavior that may cause the principles and standards of the Guild to come into question.


Original Warlocks {OW}

Web Site


Current Membership: 18

Clan Description: "We still do twice the damage."
Original Warlocks is a clan of mature gamers who understand that enjoying the game experience is more important than the game outcome.


Leader: Void
Web Site


Current Membership: 21
Clan Purpose:
Ronin who planned to be fighting together for either noble or nefarious causes would have to rely somewhat on the skills of the others for success. Therefore, it can be speculated they would practice together and exchange techniques as a way of ensuring each ronin was fully capable of assisting the others. Each ronin would benefit immeasurably from the opportunity to learn the best techniques of the other ronin. The result could only be a group of trained fighters with a degree of skill that must have been amazing.

The Wolfclan

Web Site


Current Membership: 31
Clan Purpose:
To create more pleasant gaming environments in all gaming communities by promoting kindness and respect to all gamers. We hope to become the most respected of all the clans and/or guilds, by proving our good sportsmanship and our strength as players.