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Custom AI

Unzip and place in your Kohan/SAI folder.
AIpack1 (includes all 9 below) - excluding Darxer, Varyag, Kochubei, Monomahk
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Name Faction / Difficulty Author Notes Author
Aephir Council / Hard A tough-minded AI, Aephir will prove himself a worthy opponent for those looking for a challenge. Aephir is vociferous in his appetite for conquest and will generally throw everything that he has into the conquest and subjugation of his immediate neighbors. Aephir generally uses Engineers and Archers together in small groups with great support units to his great advantage. Ian Klimon
(official AI)
Aethan Nationalist / Medium A solid, well-balanced AI that uses the extra slots that the Nationalist faction begins with to great advantage. Aethan is an expansionist and will try to both conquer and settle his way to victory. Be prepared to fend off never-ending waves of Infantry, Engineers, and Grenadiers. Ian Klimon
(official AI)
Council / Hard Darxer can play for any faction but prefers council since this AI is very economy-minded (SimCity guy). This is a good teamplay partner (or opponent!). Easily reaches "+300" economy on  big map and likes gren/mage/wiz companies. For hardcore Kohan players. Not recommended for rookies for it may kill your desire to play the game! In teamplay on a big map 3 Darxer AIs win vs. 4 any other AIs known to date (sometimes even 2 vs. 4 - example film). 
You can also download the film from FilePlanet.
Darxer Alternate Download Site

Film Darxer and Vargas vs. 4 Aephirs
Oleg Smirnov
Dread Council / Hard DrMrLordX
Gore Nationalist / Hard fenwe
Iggy Nationalist / Hard "can go toe-to-toe with my other AIs (Dread and NeoGuido) and do pretty well. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses...I'm just glad I got him to use Elite Guards. He should use Zealots fairly extensively, but getting him to consistently upgrade his temple is, well...let's just say that sometimes he does it, and sometimes he doesn't. Sans zealots, he mixes up Cleric and Mage support without the "redundant cleric" problem that Dread displays." DrMrLordX
Jezabel Council / Hard fenwe
Jhaengus Ceyah / Easy A great introduction to the Ceyah, this is a fairly easy AI that offers newer players the chance to see a mild version of the Shadeling horde attack. Take care though, because Jhaengus makes cunning use of support units behind his Shadelings. Ian Klimon
(official AI)
Kochubei Ceyah / Hard Ceyah AI that LOVES three things: expansion, great economy, and skeletons/prophets companies. Although slightly weaker than Varyag and Darxer is much more dangerous early in the game. The most fun is to play against several Kochubei AIs: expect a swarm of skels, undead archers and, of course, prophets. It's main (and I would say ONLY) weakness is that it does not like void beasts.
Kochubei Alternate Download Site
Oleg Smirnov
Metaephor Royalist / Medium This medium-hard AI offers a reasonable challenge for those looking to hone their skills against the Royalist faction. While the focus is on cavalry units of all types, you will see tough, well-fortified cities and plenty of Infantry and Grenadiers. Ian Klimon
(official AI)
Monomakh Royalist / Hard
As with all AIs of mine this one tries to keep economy in good shape (as far as it is possible with Royalists). In the best Royalist traditions Monomakh overpowers the opponent in number of quality companies. This is a universal fighter and it is better suited for smaller maps, or big maps with many players. You should not worry about Monomakh's cavs late in the game, there will not be any but you will be lucky if you survive by this stage of it. This is my favourite.
Monomakh Alternate Download Site
Oleg Smirnov
NeoGuido Ceyah / Hard DrMrLordX
Nationalist / Hard Similar to Darxer but has a strong preference for nats. Keeps economy sound but only to support his waves of gren/archers or just 6 grens. Surprisingly often beats Darxer in duels on 128 or 160 maps. Expect surprises if Varyag gets some other faction city. You may never know what is going to happen then. For the best Kohan players it is recommended to play 1 vs 2 (Darxer and Varyag).
Varyag Alternate Download Site

Film Darxer and Vargas vs. 4 Aephirs
Oleg Smirnov