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Reference Documents
Kohan Campaign Creation Overview - Explains the use of the Campaign Creator program as well as detailing the process of making a series of maps into a campaign.  Zip file includes the Campaign Creator executable file.
Kohan Editor Overview - Explains the use and features of the Kohan Editor, including an explanation of triggers.
Kohan Map Submission Overview - Explains the process for map creation and submission guidelines.
Kohan Strategic Artificial Intelligence (SAI) Creation Overview - Explains the process of SAI creation, detailing each field found in an SAI .ini file.
Faction Reference Screens
Five pages for each faction that you can print out, slap on some cardboard, and voila - instant reference screen (like a dungeon master's screen).  Just about anything and everything you need to know about your faction is on these sheets--from hero data to city upgrade costs.  The files are in Word 97 format and you may need to adjust them to your printer but they are easily customizable.  If anyone is interested in converting them to another format, let me know.   NOTE: v 1.6 does not have the Kelt font included.  See below if you need it.
(download from The Annex)
Word 97 File Size Adobe Acrobat File Size
Ceyah 1.1.0 29.1KB Ceyah 1.1.0 174KB
Council 1.1.0 28.3KB Council 1.1.0 166KB
Nationalist 1.1.0 27.4KB Nationalist 1.1.0 167KB
Royalist 1.1.0 28.4KB Royalist 1.1.0 171KB
All-in-One 1.1.0 104KB All-in-One 1.1.0 675KB
All-in-One 1.6
(for v1.0.9)
Kohan Units Reference Sheets by Don Contant (requires Microsoft Excel)
These Excel docs show all the Kohan Units (as of 1.1.0) in an easy to read table format.
(download from The Annex)
Kohan Units (color) Kohan Units (black & white)
Kohan Units v1 (Word Doc)
K-mod  v1.0.7.0 from FilePlanet or The Awakening
K-mod allows you to create mods to tweak and change units, heroes, and more - creating new units and heroes.
Unzip mods in your /Kohan/ or /Kohan Ahrimans Gift/ directory.
Utilities & Misc.
Build Order Manager v1.3.1
Build Order Manager v1.02 by Tim Seddon (requires Microsoft Excel)

BOM faithfully recreates the economic system of Kohan (with a few exceptions) so that different building strategies can be created, without having to constantly "restart." You can then see how different branches of build orders would effect your economy/military.

It also allows you to plan effective build orders for Kohan, even when you don't have access to it (i.e. Work, School) ;)
(download from The Annex)

Istvan Albert's Kohan Battlefield Calculator

From the readme.txt:

"The program attempts to compute the results of the combat occurring between two companies. Because of the complexity of the game numerous significant simplifications have been introduced and because of them the program cannot properly deal with diversified companies strongly relying on magic. Sadly, due to the lack of information, the morale effects have also been omitted. This makes the balance predictions somewhat unreliable, yet even in the worst case the program offers a good insight into the variations of parameters like attack, cost, hitpoints and defense for a wide variety of companies."
(download from The Annex)

Kelt Font - Font used on this site and on the reference screens.

For more downloads, see the official Kohan site.