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February 22, 2007 

KAG Darkwars Patched
Christovas released a new patch for his popular Darkwars mod for KAG.  Change list and download are available here.
7:15am | Chimaeros

KAG Final Descent Beta
Jon Amikar is looking for a few people to help test out his new KAG Mod, Final Descent.  Contact him via his post on the official boards.
7:15am | Chimaeros
February 3, 2007 

New Kow Map
(2v2) Unsupported by Kibou81has you playing without your support troops.  Need some?  Go conquering...
3:00pm | Chimaeros
January 18, 2007 

KAG Darkwars
Play Darkwars but also like to play regular ole KAG? Christovas created a batch file to make it easier to switch between the two.  You can find this script at the Darkwars website.  Note that the scripts, as written, only work if you installed the game in the default directory (C:\Program Files\TimeGate Studios\Kohan Ahriman's Gift).
6:45am | Chimaeros
January 13, 2007 

KAG Community Patch
Kalisari has put together a new community inspired patch for KAG.  Kali's Mod (KM) has been released as a beta for testing.  See the full info and grab it here.

- Kohan levels actually affect things.
A lot of melee Kohan become incredible at enlightened.
All Restored Kohan are incredibly deadly (like 1 man armies!).
Ascended Kohan are pretty much unkillable as long as you don't let them get fireballed to death. Even the weakest one has something like 700 hp though, while all the melee Kohan have like 1200 minimum.
- Made the Kohan who don't really gain abilities when leveling actually do gain abilities.
- Balanced some of the most absurd aspects of Kohan a bit (e.g. bps = instantly rolled Ceyah settles. Xbow crazy damage per volley so they're godly in the right hands, etc.).
- Made the gold costs a bit more logical. The fact is, sticks are basically 1.5 or 3 gold each, and archers are 3 (not 6). So infantry and indie melee units need to be made a bit cheaper and affordable.

5:00am | Chimaeros

December 16, 2006 

New Kow Files
KoW Maps:
2v2 Special by Maical[RockHard
Attempt by Maical[RockHard
6:00am | Chimaeros

KAG Strategy
Kalisari has posted some Advanced Kohan Tactics and Starting Strats to the official boards.  Links added to the Strategy Section as well.
6:00am | Chimaeros
November 23, 2006 

New Kow Files
Custom KoW AI:
Shame 1.03 & Karg 1.19 by fenwe

KoW Mod:
Remove Hotkeys by Niarg, removes hotkey numbers when recruiting (helps prevent accidentally creating forces when trying to select hot-keyed units while in recruitment screen)

KoW Maps:
(1v1)Golden Valley by Kibou81
laststand by [EX]abadon(aeon)
the underworld by [EX]abadon(aeon)
Prey on the Predator by Niarg

Also, I have added the first playable map for RichardMH's Royalist Campaign - he is looking for feedback.
7:30am | Chimaeros
October 19, 2006 

KoW AI: Ravinhood
Ravinhood has created a new, self-named AI, that will provide a challenging adversary as either Undead or Gauri.
4:30pm | Chimaeros


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