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Reference Documents - KoW
KoW Unit Stat List - Excel spreadsheet compiled by Chamr - based on patch.
KoW Launcher
KoW Launcher - Program by Kohandane that allows you to choose which mods and AI to use when launching KoW.  Be sure to read the included readme file.  Forum thread.
Updated: 5-29-05
Reference Documents - KAG / KIS
Kohan Campaign Creation Overview - Explains the use of the Campaign Creator program as well as detailing the process of making a series of maps into a campaign.  Zip file includes the Campaign Creator executable file.
Kohan Editor Overview - Explains the use and features of the Kohan Editor, including an explanation of triggers.
Kohan Map Submission Overview - Explains the process for map creation and submission guidelines.
Kohan Strategic Artificial Intelligence (SAI) Creation Overview - Explains the process of SAI creation, detailing each field found in an SAI .ini file.

For more downloads, see the official Kohan site.



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