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Unzip mod files into your Kohan II Kings of War/Data directory (default).
KoW Launcher
KoW Launcher - Program by Kohandane that allows you to choose which mods and AI to use when launching KoW.  Be sure to read the included readme file.  Forum thread.
Updated: 5-29-05
Author: Niarg
Mod: Changes Shadow company layout
Download: The Awakening
Added: 11-30-05
Ok, some people have expressed an interest in Shadow having different company layouts.

In this mod shadow have captain\6xfront\2xflank.
I think on the whole it's a better layout as it allows Shadow subtly modify a company rather than into one and allow them to use units which boost the entire company (eg shadelings giving archer foe) much more efficiently (it will almost be like giving them an extra support slot).

The downside is that it might be hard to get much support in the midgame when the cost of fielding even a basic company will be quite high.
  Clash of the Titans
Author: Arilou Lalee'lay
Mod: Adds 14+ units including 6 powerful Titan units
Download: The Awakening
Added: 4-15-05
Clash of the Titans adds 14+ entirely new units to the game. Six of these units are so called Titans; Powerful (and expensive) end-game creatures, one for each of the six races. Most of the other units work best as support companies (For example: Try 1x Beast Company + 1x Obsipion Company in stead of 2x Beast Company). You have to find out what works best for you.
  Equal Balance Mod
Author: Ashitaka-san[HC]
Mod: Number of balance tweaks - description
Download: The Awakening
Added: 5-30-05; Updated: 6-17-05 v1.2
Major changes include building costs reduced for Humans, Hillstrider / Harvester regeneration reduced, Tech unit changes, and Stone Techs for all races have reduced costs associated with them
  Extra Kingdoms
Author: Niarg
Mod: More Kingdoms
Download: The Awakening
Added: 12-14-05
Allows for more kingdoms (more than 4v4).  Includes Templates mod for increasing map sizes.
  Flexible Support Units Mod
Author: Sphere
Mod: See read me
Download: The Awakening
Added: 11-12-04
A little mod that allows adding of support troops to front and flank places.
units are otherwise unchanged. not play-balanced, but makes for interesting what-ifs in designing companies. More info attached in zip file.
  Handicap Choices for AI
Author: Kohandane
Mod: Adds additional Handicap %'s for AI
Download: The Awakening
Added: 7-3-05
In this mod you can select the following settings which all give a certain bonus to the AI.

No bonus (= "Normal")
10% bonus
20% bonus
30% bonus (= "Hard")
40% bonus
45% bonus
50% bonus
55% bonus
60% bonus (= "Impossible")
65% bonus
70% bonus
80% bonus
90% bonus

To install:
If you use my KOW Launcher software: Just create a new directory (e.g. "Flexible Handicaps") under your "User Mods" folder and unzip the attached file in there. The mod will appear in the list next time you run the launcher. If you don't use my launcher: Unzip the file to the KOW data folder (and remember you will have to delete them again to play MP). In both cases, remember to "Keep directory structure" when unzipping.
  Kohan Units Mod
Author: Mr Mooju the Pogostick
Mod: New Units, see read me
Download: The Awakening
Added: 10-7-04
New units for each race: Royal Knights (Human), Tribal Elite (Drauga), Ancient Guardian (Gauri), Withered Spider (Undead), Void (Shadow), Firebringer, Elitebringer, and Wanderer (Haroun)
  Mod Balance
Author: Vincent Poujardieu (vinz75)
Mod: Numerous balance tweaks, see read me
Download: The Awakening
Added: 11-9-04; for updated version see Mod Balance 1.23 v1 below
Mod was created address the following balance issues:
*Human econ is too weak
*Haroun archers are weak too
*Nationalists bonuses were too weak
*Kohan and support archer don't deal enough damage
*properties such as 'armored', 'agile' and 'swift' needed some tweaks to boost light inf, heavy cav, archers, and to nerf siege and heavy inf.
*some tweaks are done to 'column mode', forts and two spells
  Mod Balance 1.23 v1
Author: Vincent Poujardieu (vinz75)
Mod: Numerous balance tweaks, see read me
Download: The Awakening
Added: 6-28-05
* 2 new support unit for each faction - stock AI's will use them !
* healing is much slower - losing a battle will hurt more, but winning will be as rewarding
* control radius is bigger - troops will engage if a fight is nearby
* light infantry is better (and entrench faster) - now a valid option for early game
* entrenchement and charge will give bigger bonus - combined with the two lines above defense will be more efficient
* column mode gives bigger fighting penalty
* Haroun windrider are better - especialy in close combat
* Tech units are now worth buying.
* Tech upgrades are cheaper - depends on efficiency
* Human econ is better
* Haroun trees regenerate slower

The game is more strategic, reinforcements are key since rotating troops is less efficient, some planning is needed before any attack is launched. Enjoy !

  Monsters Mod
Author: Wanderer20
Mod: Adds monsters as troops - description
Download: The Awakening (combined the 2 files from the official forum)
Added: 5-30-05
The purpose of this mod -that doesn't' modify any game statistic- is to see on the battlefield those poor critters we usually slaughter for a handful of! No more will someone consider the Rhaksha or the Slaanri as nuisances, but as troops to win a battle with (though I have still some doubts about the Rhaksha...)!

For the nostalgic (like me!!) we added some old entries from KIS and KAG who didn't appear yet in KoW, like the Conjuror and the Shadow Priest.

To use this mod, unzip the files in the C:\Program Files\TimeGate Studios\Kohan II Kings of War directory and call it "Data".

The Monsters mod works with the 1.2.3 patch.

It was created with the idea not to create uber units or fix the gameplay (who doesn't need a fixing), but to add variety.
  Remove Hotkeys
Author: Niarg
Mod: Removes hotkey numbers when recruiting (helps prevent accidentally creating forces when trying to select hot-keyed units while in recruitment screen)
Download: The Awakening
Added: 11-23-06
The hotkeys are stored in the localization/hotkeys folder. The hotkeys_favorites.txt stores the hotkeys for recruiting with the number keys so if you replace it with a dummy file pressing a number key when in the recruit screen will just exit the recruit menu. It also won't affect online play.

To replace the file just download the attachment and put it into my documents/kohan2/data

Author: Extracted from Ashitaka-san[HC] & Kohandane's work
Mod: Adds larger map sizes
Download: The Awakening
Added: 7-15-05
This mod will add larger map sizes than were previously available (832 & 896)

1. In your C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\My Documents\Kohan2\data\ folder, create a new folder called templates if one does not exist.  Name it exactly like that, templates.
2. Unzip the template_rmc_k2.tgi file into the templates folder.
  Templates, for Making Larger Maps
Author: Niarg
Mod: Adds larger map sizes
Download: The Awakening
Added: 7-22-06
This mod will add larger map sizes than were previously available (832 & 896) to the editor for making your own non-random maps.

Unzip into your C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\My Documents\Kohan2\data\ folder

  User AI Only
Author: Niarg
Mod: Removes Standard AI
Download: The Awakening
Added: 7-22-06
I know that a while back some people wanted to be able to play using only the ais that the community had made and not TGs ais. Here's a mod that means that you don't have to extract the entire rwd file to nullify the standard ais.

Unzip into your C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\My Documents\Kohan2\data\ folder



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